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Watershed Security, LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business



IT in Health Care

We deliver world-class IT services in support of our Veteran and Active Duty health care systems within the DoD. We provide network engineering support to ensure that medical health networks are secure and ready to support our warfighter and their mission.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support

Many of Watershed’s clients have leveraged our expertise in Program and Project Management to assist with the establishment and/or staffing of their Project Management Office (PMO). Centralizing the management of all programs and projects under one domain can sometimes be an overwhelming endeavor. Watershed’s team has the experience and expertise to help organizations transition to a PMO structure or to improve an existing one. We understand that the foundation of any successful PMO is an effective and practical project management methodology, the implementation of best practices, and cross communication at all levels. We excel in these areas and can help you meet the strategic and operational needs of your organization.

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Digital Media

In today's ever-changing IT landscape, organizations need to ensure that their data is secure, that any personally identifiable information (PII) is controlled, and that access to systems is provided in accordance with their security plans.

Digital records include hard drives, SSDs, portable storage devices, and other such devices that store data. The integrity of digital records is of utmost importance, especially in a healthcare IT network. Watershed provides the expertise and talent to ensure that data is maintained, controlled, monitored and disposed of in accordance with NIST standards.


With digital transformation on the mind of nearly every executive today, organizations now understand that their ability to be successful relies upon their ability to creatively apply and extend IT in ways that most efficiently use resources to enhance customer experience and realize cost efficiencies.

Outsourcing provides a strategic and transformative framework for managing IT. Take cloud migration, a complex process that nearly every Agency faces. Executives understand that the “lift-and-shift” practices of early adopters didn’t take full advantage of the value the cloud has to offer. Migration encompasses evaluating core competencies to determine which applications are best managed internally and which can be shifted to cloud infrastructure or licensed as a service.

By strategically outsourcing parts of the process, government can tap into the experience of partners that have facilitated hundreds of migrations for other customers. Outsourcing provides agency leadership a decision point driven by the growing consensus that agencies should focus on doing what they do best, and outsource the rest.
The rapid shift to remote work, currently keeping IT teams busy, has cast a spotlight on outsourcing as a key piece of any response to an external event. As the DoD adjusts infrastructure and software to connect workers, they’re reconsidering roles and functions. Should they put all their time and resources into connecting remote workers so those workers can perform routine tasks that could be outsourced? It may be time to reevaluate.

IT Operations and Maintenance

As organizations seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency, operations and maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services.

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Integration Services

Integration Services, as well as system/subsystem supportability, are among Watershed’s core competencies. Watershed has been a partner for Information Technology and Cyber Security integration within the DoD for over fifteen years. We have proven capability across a wide range of programs and the subject matter expertise to sustain DoD and Civilian networks from inception thru deployment.

Watershed’s integration support includes the development and review of architecture drawings and technical manuals, including development of User and Operational manuals for the deployment of systems. We employ a proven systems integration approach to develop new manuals, changing existing manuals, preparing updates, performing validations, and maintaining accurate and current technical publications that lead to a seamless transition to operations and maintenance.

Our support provides agencies a mechanism to transition legacy networks and applications into modernized cloud environments where agencies can save on manpower, licensing, and overall computing costs.

Cyber Security

Watershed Security has been providing Cyber Security services to the Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies since 2003. In this time, we have reduced the complexity and promoted smart security investments for our customers and have performed delivered over 700 RMF packages that were approved by the Navy Authorizing Official (NAO) with zero rework, resulting in man-hour savings and increased mission effectiveness.

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Digital Government and Cloud Services

In partnership with critical technology partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google for Government, and Microsoft Government Services, Watershed brings on-the-ground experience in delivering Digital Government and Cloud Services to the Federal government. Infrastructure modernization is at the top of most agencies’ “to-do” lists because legacy technology was not designed to handle the dynamic, real-time nature of today’s business infrastructure and the need for continuous transformation. The requirement for business agility and the nature of technology landscape have changed because of the explosion of data; infrastructure modernization is more important than ever. Watershed Security is uniquely suited to empower the Federal Government's modernization journey and implement a forward-leaning cloud migration strategy. We offer a team with modernization and cloud migration experience, along with a deep operational understanding of the unique requirements of Health IT, which is critical for successful migration efforts.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Organizations usually implement projects as a means of achieving an their strategic or business objectives. When an organization has several projects and programs underway simultaneously, it may be beneficial to manage them as portfolios. Watershed has helped many of its federal clients establish a Portfolio Management structure in addition to the supporting policies and artifacts. Watershed has the experience and lessons learned to aid in the development of an effective yet flexible governance structure for your organization. In today’s federal marketplace, there is a need to continuously evaluate and prioritize your organization’s investment in projects. We’ll help you monitor changes in your strategic landscape, create and maintain processes and communication relative to your programs and projects, and implement performance reporting processes. Watershed’s knowledge and past experience with a variety of clients affords us the ability to offer a customizable approach to your portfolio management needs.

Software Development

Watershed Security enables organizations to enhance and jumpstart software development efforts to meet mission and business objectives. With the need for faster build, feedback, and deployment, we make it possible to accelerate and automate at every phase of the delivery lifecycle. Our teams use scaled Agile practices and DevSecOps pipelines, along with open, cloud-native, and portable architectures to create digital environments that are user-centric, scalable, and modular.

We reinforce our software solutions with data analytics and intelligence-grade cybersecurity for systems that organizations can trust for mission resiliency. Our open source DevSecOps capability—Solutions Delivery Platform (available through GitHub)—enables teams to dramatically reduce setup time and to continuously incorporate security into the software development process.