Protecting the Systems of Those Who Protect
Watershed Security, LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business


Watershed Security has been providing solid technical solutions to the Federal Marketplace for over a decade. We have engaged on the front lines with our Nation’s warfighters to secure our critical infrastructure from increasing globalized threats. We pool the resources, research, engineering expertise, and experience gleaned from industry best practices and quality assurance to bring you the expert advice, solutions and results that keep you ahead of threats through the use of advanced technology.


Watershed Security employs a detailed Cybersecurity / Information Assurance (IA) program to ensure the success of our research and development partners. We partner with our customers to conduct a full and comprehensive assessment scan of their network and provide a detailed report on threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Through established best practices, we provide risk mitigation strategies that document courses of action on how Watershed will address threats and vulnerabilities, and we advise our customers on how to best mitigate and remediate risk.

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Health IT        HEALTH IT

Medical devices are becoming increasingly more advanced. They are essentially computers connected to the Internet and to hospital networks, and as such, they require the same level of attention to cybersecurity as any other interconnected IT device. Unfortunately, there are many medical devices still in use that do not have today's cybersecurity features built into them. To complicate the situation, these devices and the networks they are connected to process, store, and transmit highly sensitive patient information. Lives depend on having timely access to the accurate information that is needed to make patient care decisions. These systems and devices face numerous threats, from cyber criminals who increasingly seek medical data.

Our cybersecurity experts secure the networks and devices that contain your sensitive data, so you can rely on them to provide timely access to the information you need to provide patient care through providing our customers confidence in their data and application integrity and availability.

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Watershed’s infrastructure professionals bring an unparalleled fusion of deep technical expertise business experience to our customers. We specialize in data center and desktop management, database administration, web development, network infrastructure management, systems management, and virtualization. Our insights on streamlining and consolidating processes and automating labor-intensive activities can reduce your cost of operations and deliver new capabilities to your users.

Our engineers have experience in the complete range of infrastructure services. Whether you are looking to move to the cloud, modernize your legacy environment to virtual machines, or design a new architecture strategy to replace your existing environment, we have the experts to complete the job. We are committed to showing agencies how to achieve more efficient resource usage while ensuring optimal responsiveness and functionality, through a dynamic and available infrastructure environment.

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Watershed understands that effective Program and Project Management is critical to meeting organizational goals and objectives. By leveraging industry best practices and years of lessons learned, Watershed has successfully managed and implemented many programs and projects of various size and complexity for our federal customers. Our team of certified Project Managers have decades of experience in all facets of Program and Project Management and are experts in planning and resource management. We are committed to transparency, agility, and proactive communication. Let us manage your projects and programs, so you can focus on managing your business.

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