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Engineering And Operations


As the digital wave advances, IT leaders must act quickly to create an enterprise data center strategy that’s ultra-agile, scalable and responsive to change. Watershed Security delivers you the industry best practices and personnel to modernize your legacy systems and to develop new capabilities for your enterprise.

Our systematic ITILv3 approach creates system solutions that can handle your most complex needs while ensuring scalability across the lifecycle of your entire project. Watershed Security has decades of experience implementing successful solutions for both government and private agencies most vital operational needs.

Incident Management

Providing scalable and efficient operations begins with a thorough Incident Management program. When your critical services are disrupted it causes efficiency and productivity impacts throughout your organization. With proper planning of Service Operations you can preclude any potential outages by having pre-planned responses to service degradations within your enterprise.

Problem Management

When incidents occur, the role of incident management is to restore service as rapidly as possible, without necessarily identifying or resolving the underlying cause of the incidents. Watershed’s experts are here to help you analyze your enterprise for deficiencies in operational architectures and process definitions to identify the root cause of system degradations.

Benefits of adopting ITIL for Service Operation
Selecting and adopting the best practices for Engineering and Operations will help an organization to deliver significant benefits such as:

  • Reduce unplanned resource and costs through better handling of service outages and identification of their root causes
  • Enable the business and customers to add value from the services they are receiving by reducing downtime
  • Enabling continual improvement and better investment decision making by providing operational results and data for decision support
  • Enable users to improve their productivity or the quality of business services and products by providing quick and effective access to standard services
  • Meet the objectives of the organization’s security policy by ensuring that IT services will only be accessed by those authorized to use them