program and project management

Celebrating 20 Years Protecting the Systems of Those Who Protect

Watershed Security has been providing solid technical solutions to the Federal Marketplace for over 20 Years. We have engaged on the front lines with our Nation’s warfighters to secure our critical infrastructure from increasing globalized threats. We pool the resources, research, engineering expertise, and experience gleaned from industry best practices and quality assurance to bring you the expert advice, solutions and results that keep you ahead of threats through the use of advanced technology.

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program and Project Management

Watershed understands that effective Program and Project Management is critical to meeting organizational goals and objectives. By leveraging Industry best practices and years of lessons learned, Watershed has successfully managed and implemented many programs and projects of various size and complexity for our Federal clients. Our team of certified Project Managers have decades of experience in all facets of Program and Project Management and are experts in planning and resource management. We are committed to transparency, agility and proactive communication with our clients. Let us manage your projects and programs, so that you can focus on managing your business mission. 

​We support our client’s tough challenges in IT Governance. We can help with current state analysis, evaluation and propose customized Governance structure, control and process that makes client’s life easier.

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Watershed’s consultants provide the  essential expertise to properly execute the RMF Authorize step to enable organizations to determination the risk in Cloud systems, on premise systems, military weapons and navigation systems as well as Building Control Systems (BCS).  Our engineering assess the risk and provide actionable data to determine to authorize (or not) a system to operate.

We determine the security and privacy posture of that system, as well as the risk from the operation and use of the system. This risk is determined using the  authorizing official review and analysis of the information and materials in the authorization package, as well as organizational-level and system-level risk information provided by senior officials (e.g., senior agency information security officer, senior agency official for privacy, risk executive), control assessors, system owners, and other stakeholders to the authorizing official.

If necessary, further discussions between the authorizing official and those furnishing the information may take place to help the authorizing official fully understand the risks. During risk analysis and determination, the authorizing official also takes into consideration organizational risk tolerance, dependencies among systems and controls, mission and business requirements, criticality of the mission or business functions supported by the system, and the overall risk management strategy of the organization.

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Program and Project Management

Many of Watershed’s clients have leveraged our expertise in Program and Project Management to assist with the establishment and/or staffing of their Project Management Office (PMO). Sometimes centralizing the management of all programs and projects under one domain can be an overwhelming endeavor. Watershed’s team has the experience and expertise to help organizations transition to a PMO structure or improve an existing one. We understand that the foundation of any successful PMO is an effective and practical project management methodology, the implementation of best practices, and cross communication at all levels. We excel in these areas and can help you meet the strategic and operational needs of your organization.


Watershed’s PMO Framework provides  a centralized unit to provide support for project management activities. We provide the critical roll of ensuring  that projects are executed effectively and efficiently, and that they meet the requirements of our clients.

  • Providing  best practices on project management: Our PMO Framework provides our customers with ready to deploy best practices that are aligned with our customer’s goals and objectives. 
  • Manage project portfolios: Watershed PMO practioners prioritize and manage their project portfolio, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Provide training and development: Watershed provides continuous training options for our PMO personnel for professional development. in risk management, scheduling and budgeting. .
  • Providing oversight and governance: Watershed’s PMO Framework provies oversight and governance of information technology projects, ensuring that they are executed in accordance with the requirements.
  • Resolving conflicts and issues: Communication is key.   We implement communication plans to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page in all phases of the project implementation.
  • Scalable and Agile:  Our services are Scalable and Agile.  We are able to allocate the right resources and provide flexibility in any implementation to bring efficiency into operations and delivery.

Project Management

Watershed’s team of Project Managers possess the core competencies and skills needed to effectively and successfully manage projects. Our staff is very knowledgeable, with years of experiencing managing our own internal projects as well as many projects for our Federal clients. Our team of Project Managers are high performers; able to oversee the daily activities associated with a project such as scheduling, scope management, reporting, resource management, and communication planning, while continuously driving towards the strategic objectives. We are professionals and hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability. We successfully guide project teams, balance project constraints, mitigate risks, and ultimately achieve the objectives. By leveraging our internal and external network of project management peers, we can provide creative, agile approaches to our client’s project management needs

Portfolio Management

Watershed Security provides policy support to make it easier for organizations to obtain and process personal information about individuals. To ensure that the privacy rights of individuals are respected, personally identifiable information (or personal data) must be properly protected in accordance with current U.S. Federal and State Laws.

For federal institutions, Watershed Security provides services to maintain continuous compliance with the National Defense Strategy (NDS), DOD Data Strategy, National Cybersecurity Strategy and other Federal, DoD and US Government governance requirements.

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