Protecting the Systems of Those Who Protect
Watershed Security, LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business

Network Operations


Network performance, security, and backups are critically important in your network environment. They're simply not something you can afford to leave to chance. Watershed Security offers a full range of network services and the highest level of expertise to ensure that your network is always secure and available. With our in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, your network will always have an Authority to Operate.

Through proactive monitoring, Watershed will ensure that your networks are running at the highest operational tempo. Through the best practices of IT Engineering, we will ensure that fault tolerance is at the core of your O&M infrastructure. By building redundancy into core operations, you will achieve the highest level of availability in the enterprise. With active network monitoring services, you can be aware of what is going on with systems before problems arise, utilizing Network Monitoring (SNMP, NetFlow, etc.) of your critical servers, routers, storage networks, and telecommunications services. In the case of a service anomaly, automatic alerts can be sent to the appropriate action officials to maintain transparency in operations.